Congresso Annuale 2019 SSP/SGP


2019 June 06-07


Espocentro, Bellinzona

How to upload the documents of the presentation

To upload the documents of the presentation it is necessary to have the access data provided by the organizer, SSP/SGP. Follow the steps below to upload the documents correctly.

1. Allowed documents

The next files are supported:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt or .pptx)
  • Keynote (.key)
  • PDF (.pdf)
  • Video (.mp4 / .mov / .mpeg / .wmv )
  • Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx)
  • Microsoft Excel (.xls or .xlsx)
  • Folders* only .zip

*If you have a folder with multiple documents, you must compress it (.zip format) to load it.
Important: The documents and the folder must be named correctly.

2. Rename the documents

The documents must be renamed as follows (Information available in the program):

  • Date of presentation (year-month-day)
  • Surname
  • Initial of the name
  • Presentation time with the 24 hour system (hours-minutes)
  • Room where the presentation takes place
  • Document version
  • Document extension

YYMMDD-Surname-Initial of the name-HHMM-Room-01-Document extension


  • 25th March 2020 Presentation
  • Surname: Daulte
  • Initial of the name: J
  • Presentation time: 16:15
  • Room 2
  • Version 1
  • PowerPoint Document


3. How to upload the documents

Login to our dedicated cloud

Insert the username and password provided by the organizer and click “Sign In”.

Open “File Station” folder

Inside this folder, you can upload your documents using the upload button or simply just drag and drop the files right from your computer.

4. Upload the documents

Yes, I renamed the documents correctly

To upload the documents, please log in using the access data provided by the event organizer. After logging in, the page to load the documents opens.

No, I need more information

All the necessary information is available in the box below.

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